Arteria Restaurant is as authentic as bread with tomato - sincere, real, simple and original at the same time. It evokes joy and stimulates your own search for new flavors. It is a place full of energy and variability that will often surprise you. We will show you the world both in the kitchen and in art. Here you can meet, read a book, watch an exhibition or listen to live music.

Jakub Piotrowski - our flour magician. He loves to treat everyone with her baked goods. He shuns them himself and does not try his desserts because he knows how they have to taste. Kuba has been with us from the beginning, he is a good friend and brings a lot of joy to work. He is patient because his profession requires it. Waiting for a few days for the leaven to work properly or preparing puff pastry for 12 hours to make Pasteis de nata is not a problem for him. He is a very modest man. He is very happy about satisfied guests and the fact that he is finally doing what he loves and doing it perfectly.


ul. Kopcińskiego 62a
90-032 Łódź
+ 48 603 161 462